DABADEW Corporation

—Partner of Erik's place

Lighting The Way

DABADEW will be supporting children and veterans


DABADEW Corporation exists for two reasons, to enhance children’s lives through educational entertainment and to support charitable causes. DABADEW has partnered with Erik’s Place, dedicated to helping Americans. The corporation is founded on the premise that children need strong positive role models and healthy human contact to build the proper foundation for a moral and ethical life. Our products will promote these values and allow families to purchase items that demonstrate that there are opportunities for learning while having fun in a socially interactive environment.


We believe that a team effort empowers each of us and allows us to achieve results impossible to attain as individuals.We will produce family- oriented education board games, books, toys, doll, and more that will reinforce this belief.

Eric, my nephew whom I loved dearly, was lost to suicide while in the Armed Services. He was such an inspiring and meaningful part of my life. Eric loved my vision and talked often about helping me one day with the homes for children and the company. He spent many hours play testing the games and reading my stories with such excitement and feedback, so amazed by what I was creating. He was my biggest cheerleader. I knew that I would make Eric my main character to preserve the essence of his heart and soul and have it reach children in need. Eric was an embodiment of integrity and concern for others before himself. He was the real deal with such an amazing amount of sensitivity and innocence, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing through the eyes of a child.

I truly felt so loved by him and I felt I had such purpose for him while he was here. It’s very lonely without him. It always felt as if Allan, Eric’s uncle and I gave him a sense of shelter, protection and love. We started out as teachers for him, teaching him trust, love, wisdom and encouragement and we gave him memories he could carry with him, but in the end he became our teacher. Eric allowed me to tell him the truth no matter how painful and emotional it might have been. He loved us beyond measure and even had a way of finishing our words for us. I truly get to take all of what Eric was and stood for and create an amazing character with all of his traits and touch children all over the world. I asked him once, “Why do you always want to be with us?” He simply replied, “Because you love me”.

This has been an amazing ride and it’s only just beginning! I have been in awe at how many companies and people have donated their time and amazing talents of creativity, volunteer spirit and counsel. You have offered your precious time and energy to the benefit of our mission and vision. I don’t think I can express in mere words how thankful I am that you have believed in us and have taken time out of your busy schedules to participate in this effort.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford